• HANGRX automated pharmacy will call
  • DisplayRx - automated pharmacy management
  • Measurable ROI

HangRx™ Organized Prescription Will-Call

What is HangRx™?

HangRx™ bin management is a complete and professional grade modern solution for tracking and managing prescriptions in Pharmacy will-call, offering a quick and practical prescription storage & retrieval solution, prescription will-call tracking for instant prescription location. 'Rx ready' calls,  outbound compliance 'Reminder' calls,  aged prescriptions 'Return to Stock' process saving HOURS of time each week, will-call inventory reporting, and more... a total Bin Management /  Will-Call managing solution. Just Scan it, Hang it, and walk away - Will-Call Tracking and Management doesn't get any easier.


This has to be the best purchase for my business since IVR. Thank you for all your hard work to resolve a serious problem.

Craig Harmon - Chapin Pharmacy, SC

I always wondered why other business had will-call solutions, but not pharmacy. I thought my prayers were answered when I heard about the HangRx will-call system. It's been everything I had hoped.

Lee Cole - Smyrna Drug Co, TN

My will-call wasn't getting any better. After I had a demo of the HangRx system, I only wished that I had installed it sooner. It has saved us much time and headache! My hats off to you.

Kevin Blessing - Sauk City Pharmacy, WI